Font & Branding Concept

Creating a Custom Typeface for Indiana Athletics

Role: Designer

Credits: Tim Keller, Creative Director

Methods: Branding / Font Design / Illustration

Vendors were using a variety of typefaces on athletics apparel, promotions, and merchandise. This inconsistency created a fractured visual presentation of the brand. So the Office of Creative Services pitched a custom font and iconography system to the athletic department.

The primary font that was designed based upon the geometry of the trident logo making new a tried & true tradition of the block fonts used on IU jerseys over the years. We also created a secondary script font to contrast and compliment the boldness of the primary font face.

IU Athletics purchased the concept, and worked with a third-party vendor to finalize the font design. You can now see a modified version of the primary font on billboards, commercials, and on the court.