RideAmigos Product Design

Motivating Healthy Travel Habits with Gamification

Role: Product Designer

Credits: Ben Dalton, CTO / Brandon Pfeiffer, Senior Front-End Engineer

Methods: UX Design / Visual Design

RideAmigos serves the needs of tens of thousands of large commuter networks like Google and MIT allowing them to bring all their transportation management into one place. Using gamification and a reward system, the platform incentivizes reduced traffic with intelligent ridematching, increased use of smart and healthy alternatives, and lower emissions with reporting tools.

RideAmigos tasked KA+A with design discovery to create a visual design system and revamp the user experience for their Virtual Travel Management Office web app. We created a prototype that amplified the interactions of gamificaition to incentivize less-costly and more eco-friendly modes of transportation for the public and employer groups.

The design solution included enhanced gamification interactions, a responsive grid system, a neutral color scheme for custom branding by partner organizations, and an style guide that scales to other RideAmigos products.

Onboarding flow
Find a carpool
Weekly update email

The Results

RideAmigos used the visual design, style guides, and interactions to rebuild core products. The company has continued to have huge success partnering with large organizations to provide a comprehensive platform for travel management.

Designs that utilize gamification are more likely to motivate positive habits.